Carl Joseph is among the eight former Florida prep stars chosen for induction. He is believed to be the first disabled athlete to achieve this honor at the state or national level.

Joseph, who grew up in poverty on a tobacco farm in north Florida, was born with only one leg. It’s pretty hard to believe he played football, basketball, & track. He not only played but was captain of his football team. He high jumped 5ft 10in, slam dunked basketballs and ran over anybody who tried to block him on the football field, all done without his prosthesis.

Joseph, now a special needs teacher and prep football coach, was elated by his selection. “I feel really blessed that after all these years an honor like this could happen to me,” he said. “When I was a little kid, I used to actually dream about playing varsity sports in high school. But now, to be among these great athletes, that’s something I never could’ve imagined.”
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