Comune di Bari (Municipality of Bari) -Italy

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 84 Bari BA 70122 +39.080.577.11.11
Photo of Comune di Bari (Municipality of Bari) -Italy

Biographical Info

Bari is the county seat’s Apulia region of Italy and namesake metropolitan’s city.

Municipality of Bari shows up strong business and trading traditions. For its esteemed geographic position, Bari is an Euro – Mediterranean melting pot – “Porta d’Oriente” – “Orient Gateway”.

Bari is an updated and constantly in evolution Municipality. It actively works for:

  • Social innovation
  • Education and workplace
  • Culture and cultural promotion
  • Citizenship
  • Dissemination and good practices
  • Social inclusion at national, regional and local level, including European level
  • Innovation, sharing and open collaboration



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