When everything seems to be lost, you need to climb higher once more. 

We want to inspire you with the story of the brave endurance of Danny Williams, the English heavyweight boxer who managed to win the match against his rival Mark Potter in the Wembley Conference Center on 21th of October in 2000, even though he could use only one arm.

Daniel Peter Williams, named “The Brixton Bomber”, has become renowned to have beaten the former World Champion Mike Tyson winning by knockout in 2004 after a really much tie challenge. But today we want to mention the real story of determination which should be an high example to follow in whole the sports world.

The Wembley game, which would have assigned the prestigious Lonsdale Belt (the oldest championship belt in boxing) to the winner, saw as Williams’ opponent the fellow countryman Mark Potter and for this reason the derby seemed to be even more felt because the two fighters involved in the competition were born in the same urban neighborhood of London. Furthermore, before the fight they have both promised fire and flames in the ring and this was just an envisage of the very hard game which was going to be played.

The match opened with an immediate twist: Potter attacked the rival with great ferocity and concluded a nice combination of shots with a precise right to the Williams’ jaw. Danny lost the support of his left foot because of the violent shot and found himself on the carpet among the general surprise, but the referee John Coyle did not validate the K.O., judging the fall as a result of a slide. Potter clearly won the first round.

The second round also opened with a particular episode: a Williams’ right, apparently deviated from Potter’s shoulder and thus off-target, made Potter lose his balance by knocking him down. This time the referee gave Williams a severe penalty point for low blow. A similar shot during the third round became remarkable for the fate of the match: in fact William, by throwing a right-footed shot, sprained his shoulder. The situation soon appeared quite clear to the jury, the commentaries and the whole public: in spite of his dramatic condition, the boxer was managing to finish the round by using only his left arm and then rearranging the bone with the help of the corner men during the one-minute break. 

Therefore Williams was forced to limit the use of his right arm to the minimum as Potter’s pressure was reaching more and more suffocating levels. Again the referee awarded Williams two penalty points for a obvious low blow, led probably by the exasperation. The match seemed to be untenable when Williams, trying to overcome the frontiers of the pain by challenging his endurance, forced to return imprudently to rely on direct rights in order to achieve the final winning. But the incredible effort caused to Williams the complete inability to use again the right harm to fight. 

Potter, seeing by now a guaranteed victory, kept hitting his opponent with the same determination of the beginning, but just in this moment the most unexpected thing happened: a Williams’ deadly left uppercut, guided probably by the force of the despair, hit Potter’s chin from the bottom up and knocked him to the canvas, not giving him the possibility to get back up. Williams was bent over in pain, the tears were falling from his eyes and his useless arm sticking out like a twisted twig.

At the end of the match both boxers on the canvas received medical treatment after Williams connected with a left hook to drop Potter and then collapsed next to him. “I would never quit,” said Williams. “I heard what Frank and Jimmy said but there was just no way that I was going to let anybody pull me out.

Williams’s shoulder was re-set in hospital but he will be out of the ring for 10 months.



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