The passion for football is the common point that drives people from all over the world to cheer for their team and love the game.

But sometimes we give for granted the joy coming when we see our favourite team scoring and winning, or celebrating for the scream of the journalist describing the most exciting goal actions in the radio if we can’t attend the match or watch it on the TV.

The system created by some fans in Brazil and Colombia to give the chance to their deaf and blind friends to participate in the emotions coming from the live matches of their favorite teams is something that simply leaves you speechless, showing a great display of friendship, inclusion and sharing attitude.

The system is quite ingenious and works thanks to the assistance of one person (the sign language instructor Hélio Fonseca de Araújo in Brazil, and Cezar Daza in Colombia), which is guiding the hands of his friend (Carlos, supporting the green and yellow team, and Josè Richard Gallego for the “Cafeteros”) on a special board in the shape of a small football pitch.

Using a unique combination of signs and movements to tell the story of the match, they “translated” it on the board to the deaf and blind persons, otherwise unable to follow it live.

Judging from the videos showing their joy when Brazil defeated Costa Rica to be able to go towards the eight-finals and Colombia scoring a thunderous 3-0 to Poland, it seems like the explosion of joy of Carlos and Josè is as cheerful as the one of any other fan’s, if not even more.

A fantastic way to grant the possibility to “watch” the match also to whom has not the opportunity to follow it like anyone else, and a great show of friendship and inclusion.





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