It’s difficult to find people willing to help the other ones without hoping in a personal gain.

This is not the case of Dries Mertens, the Naples’ Belgian football player who hands out pizzas to homeless during the coldest night.

It has happened after a game in Turin: after than, just come back in Naples, he wore a baseball cap and dark glasses and, accompanied by a pair of his friends, Dries has bought pizzas for people living on the streets on many occasions, visiting various areas of the city.

He usually goes to places where the city’s “invisible inhabitants” live, in places where almost no one can recognize him, where he can be a real benefactor, hidden from cameras, and no one cares about his fame.

Actually, this is not the only thing he does: in fact, he also donates clothes for people in need, visiting also hospitals where he hands out jerseys and gadgets to his young fans. For example, Aurora, a child who is suffering from cancer, is often visited by the champion: “I wanted to marry him and now we are husband and wife”, the little girl happily tells.

Maybe we shouldn’t consider this gesture of solidarity because, as we know, it is normal for many volunteers, but finding out this kind of actions from really famous people, as “Ciro” , as he has been baptized by the Neapolitans, does make a certain impression.



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