The records that the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt has done in his career are carved in stone for eternity, making him part of the Mount Rushmore of Track & Field and Sport in general.

The so-called “fastest man in the world” has collected an impressive number of medals in the Olympics, while holding the world record of 9.58 seconds since 2009 in the 100-m run, which still today is seemingly untouchable.

The London 2017 track & field world championships were regarded as his last appearance (before turning football player to start a new career with Central Coast Mariners in Australia, where he recently scored his first goal), and a kind of last goodbye for all passionate fans of the sport which gathered to cheer him.
The race started with a wall of noisy support from the crowd, mostly cheering the Jamaican while booing the other contestants. With an upsetting bitter taste, due to a slow start and the quick comeback of his rivals, Bolt ended the final race as third, behind two US runners: the rising star Christian Coleman and the long-time rival Justin Gatlin.

While it might not have been the way in which the Jamaican athlete would have wanted to close the his running career, the US athlete decided to give him an unexpected homage, confirming the inspiration that he has been for all his generation and the ones to come: he bowed down to him in a sign of respect and humbleness.

Gatlin has been banned twice in his career for doping offences and came back each time, working his entire life to keep on improving and beat the unbeatable. In London, he not only nailed the race, but also showed a large amount of sportsmanship, honoring the career of the GOAT (Greatest Of All Times), hugging him after his symbolic gesture.

I have a lot of respect for him. Even me being older than him, he is such an inspiration for me” commented the newly crowned world champion, underlining once more the significance of Usain Bolt’s career for the development of the whole sport movement and track & field.





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