To play for the colours of their own country, is a dream for every young footballer, and sportsperson in general, especially on the grandest stages of them all, such as the Olympic Games or the Football World Cup.

Still, the national teams offer quite good compensations (even if sometimes they might look not so impressive, when compared with the salaries of some players) in order to wear the jersey of their native land and represent it in international competitions.

None the less, some players still believe more in the honor to play for their own country in the World Cup rather than the money coming from it. It’s the case of Kylian Mbappé, number 10 of France team which won the 2018 competition, which decided to donate all of his earnings coming from his participation in the World Cup and various bonus coming from it.

This stands at around 449.606 $, according to what was calculated by Sports Illustrated, which even if not comparable to the 1.7 million euro he receives monthly from Paris Saint Germain, still is an impressive amount, putting Mbappé on the map as one of the most philanthropic football players of all times.

The money was sent to the organization Premiers de Cordée, with which he cooperates since 2017, which provides sport activities for hospitalized children and awareness raising on disabilities for schools and enterprises.

Mbappè, or “37”, as his team-mates named him from the initially reported speed he reached when he scored his goal against Argentina in the eight-finals, at 19 years old, remarks how much more important is to play (and win) for his own national team, rather than thinking about money.

Besides being impressive on the field, as the second youngest player to score in a World Cup after the legendary Pelè, Mbappé, grown up in a poor Paris neighbourhood to find then great success in his sport career, shows to be also a great person in the everyday life.




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