Millie Wall will turn 100 years old in 2018. She has been a diehard Vikings fan since the foundation’s team in 1961 but she has never been to a Vikings playoff game before.

She usually watches Viking’s matches at home with a screwdriver drink in one hand and a foam brick in the other to throw at the TV.

But something is changed this time: in fact, after the Vikings’ advance to the NFC Championship game for the first time in club’s history, the team decided to send to their most elderly fan tickets to Minnesota Miracle, one of the wildest victory in play-off history, and then to the Super Bowl.

Immediately after these gifts, she ironically said: “All I have to say is they better hurry up and win the Super Bowl. Because I can’t live forever.”

Unfortunately Millie, as her granddaughter tweeted the day before the match, has been too ill to attend Sunday’s big game at U.S. Bank Stadium. Nevertheless, she wanted to keep the experience within the family, so she invited her granddaughters to attend in her place.

They said, celebrating their grandmother and thanking all the followers: “We will be sure to tip back a handful of screwdrivers in her honor! Thank you everyone for your continued love and support of Millie!”

The Minnesota Vikings finally had a chance to play the Super Bowl’s match in their home stadium in Minneapolis if they could get past the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship, but they failed to do so. Then the Philadelphia Eagles have won their first Super Bowl’s title after beating the New England Patriots in an eventful game.



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