Project Details:

Start Date: 01/01/2021

End Date: 31/12/2021

Duration: 12 Months

Action: Solidarity Projects

Venue: Cagliari (Italy)

Financing Body: Erasmus + Programme - European Solidarity Corps

Partner Associations:

- TDM 2000 International




“SPORTive: Sport for Inclusion and Values Education”

The "SPORTive" project is co-financeed by the Programme Erasmus+ under the umbrella of the action "European Solidarity Corps - Solidarity Projects".

The project is  mainly aimed at disadvantaged youngsters aged 15- 25 years old. Through activities and workshops that use sport and non-formal learning as educational methods, we intend to provide effective tools to promote the dissemination of civil values, with the aim of encouraging the ability of young people to recognize, understand and accept the rules of civil life, promoting values such as solidarity, tolerance and inclusion, and also encouraging them to avoid risky behaviors that could lead to situations of social exclusion, marginalization and lack of active participation in democratic life.

The project also aims at promoting sports practice among young people, aiming at all the positive consequences that this can bring, especially in terms of spreading traditional sport values. Thanks to the workshops and the final event "The sport fair", schools / teachers and sports associations / coaches will also benefit from the action; they will be provided with dynamic and engaging educational tools that can be replicated in the future with other youngsters. The sports associations involved, especially the ones related to lesser known and practiced sports, thanks to the final event, will have the opportunity to reach many youngsters, and they will be facilitated in the involvement of future new athletes in their sport.

Young people who already play sports too often receive a sport education that focuses only on physical and cognitive development. Thanks to our project they will benefit from educational actions designed to have a positive impact on their behaviour, promoting among them the positive values related to sport.
The planned activities will approach the issues on which the project will focus using sport (its practice, its concept, the related problems, the connected values) in a first phase as a starting point for the introduction of the theme, then expanding the discussion on similar dynamics in everyday life. During the sessions, dynamic moments dedicated to sports will be accompanied by phases dedicated to dialogue, reflection, debate and discussion.

The general objective of the project is to encourage the spread of values such as solidarity, respect, tolerance, inclusion and non-violence among young people, through the creation of dynamic and innovative workshops that use sport and non-formal education as educational tools.

The specific objectives of the project are:
1) Encourage sports practice among young people, promoting sports clubs in the city of Cagliari, (Particular attention will be given to less known and practiced sports, such as Ultimate Frisbee, Rugby, American Football, Field Hockey, etc.), expanding their ability to reach potential future athletes;
2) Promote the sensitivity of young people by encouraging behaviors that lead to a more inclusive and respectful society, fighting against violence, discrimination and racism;
3) Stimulate the critical thinking of young people, promoting an optimistic vision of the future and making them aware of the importance of active participation and of every single action they take in daily life;
4) Provide school teachers, coaches and sports clubs involved, with a wide range of replicable good practices that use sport and non-formal education as educational tools;
5) To stimulate young athletes to a reflection that leads to distance themselves from the concept of "victory at any cost" promoting values such as fair play, solidarity, respect for rules and healthy competitiveness;
6) Promote the “European Solidarity Corps” program and the learning opportunities aimed at personal and professional growth dedicated to young people, provided both by the “European Solidarity Projects” and by other European programs.