“Life is too short to wear boring clothes”, do you remember this carnival saying? You won’t forget it after having known funny Wimbledon disturber’s disguise.

It happened during the last Ladies’ Invitational Doubles Tournament on the Summer of 2017. The indicted match involved the one couple Kim Clijsters and Rennae Stubbs against the other Andrea Jaeger and Conchita Martinez.

Kim Clijsters was having a bit of fun asking the crowd where she should place her serve on the court. Suddenly a man in the crowd suggested “BODY“, referring to a kind of service in which the player attempts the serve right at their opponent trying to jam them.

So Clijsters, laughing, in reply invited him to play. The man didn’t back down and borrowed the racquet and took to the court among the crowd’s applause.

But at that moment Clijsters realized that his clothes were not in regulation white Wimbledon dress code, so she ran to her own kit to get an extra skirt and then she helped the man to fit into his more appropriate garb.

“This isn’t gonna work. Kim, this isn’t gonna work. They’re not gonna get over the knees.”, the incredulous commentator said among the general atmosphere of hilarity. After some struggles, the fan was ready to face the serve.

Once Clijsters had recovered from her laughing fit, she sent a ball right at him and much to the surprise and delight of the crowd he was actually able to return the ball in play, but lost the point and the game on the next volley sent his way.

Actually, the mysterious disturber was Mr. Chris Quinn, the captain of Greystones Lawn Tennis Club from Wicklow in Ireland.

He explained: “Kim had said to the audience, ‘will I serve left or right?’ and I said ‘body serve’, and the next thing you know, she responded to my shout-out by saying, ‘do you think you can handle my serve?‘”.

Clijsters also let Mr. Quinn keep the now famous skirt, and now he is putting it up for auction to raise money for charity.

Life’s too short not to say yes to things like that. It’s not every day you can say you’ve shared headlines with Roger Federer on the Wimbledon page, that’s one off my bucket list.” he commented after this great experience.


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