The International Awareness Campaign about integrity in sport is connected with the local activities but runs in an independent way. To realize the campaign, we acted with follows:

  1. Logo of the campaign
  2. General slogan and dedicated slogans for different materials
  3. Printed materials (flyers, posters, brochures)
  4. Multimedia products (video)
  5. Promotional materials connected with sport (balls, sails, sport shirts)
  6. Social media dedicated page and social media and virtual coverage by all partners
  7. Involvement of testimonials (sportsmen, coaches, representatives of sport clubs or federations)
  8. Participation to sport events (tournaments, expo, exhibitions, matches)
  9. Dedicated virtual platform on the platform

Take a look at some of our FB Page Posts to get more information on the realized dissemination events in Italy and in the other partner countries: